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Day One - Campers will be introduced to the United Nations as an organization and learn the basics of a Model Un (MUN) simulation.  Campers will then complete their first simulation! Being the first day of camp, there will always be a variety of welcome games and activities. 


Day Two - Campers will learn more about the formalities of a MUN simulation - such as the types of caucuses and how to draft resolution papers. For the second MUN, newer campers will have the opportunity to participate in a fictional/character based MUN allowing them to focus on the application of the formalities. 


Day Three - Campers will dive into the intricacies of global politics on the third day of camp! Through historical, economic, social, and environmental lenses, each camper will learn and then present a profile of a particular country. Campers will also learn about international trading partners and alliances. In the MUN simulation, campers will represent the country they researched earlier. 


Day Four - Campers will receive a content seminar on a particular international organization (the EU, AU, ASEAN etc) and then partake in a MUN specific to the seminar. Campers will also participate in an interactive and experiential group activity based on the seminar. 


Day Five - Campers will start the day with a final MUN simulation and then play our iconic camp game - Bend Your Head! 


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