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Our mission is to help youth discover the complexities of international affairs. We aim to foster critical thinking and have campers consider solutions to various global issues from a variety of perspectives. We hope for campers to widen their world view and leave camp with a better understanding of several countries from each continent. At MUN Camp we not just want to introduce campers to the variety of problems the world is facing, but we want to embrace their creativity and aptitude to offer solutions. 


MUN Camp offers campers the perfect environment to enlarge their competencies in presenting, writing, and collaborating. Campers will develop their presentation skills as they represent a particular country, improve their writing as they draft resolution papers, and learn how to work effectively in a team as they partner with other campers to reach common goals. 


Our MUN simulations span a very wide range. For our newer groups, we include a day of fictional or character based MUN. These simulations have included everything from aliens to mermaids to Greek Gods and Goddesses to YouTubers! Moreover, some of our camper-favourite simulations include transitioning to renewable energy, removing invasive species, exploring outer space, renegotiating borders, and protecting against cyberterrorism.

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